BCA Tracker 3 Beacon

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The Backcountry Access Tracker3 a slick looking new beacon in BCA's extremely popular line of Tracker avalanche beacons. Contrary to popular belief the Tracker3 is supposed to complement the Tracker 2 rather than replace it. The difference is: the Tracker 2 is designed to be simple and super user friendly, and the Tracker3 has user friendlessness in mind but is designed for a more advanced users such as a mountain guides or trip leaders. The difference between the Tracker 2 and the Tracker3 is the new "3" is lighter, more compact and has an more functional, but more complicated multiple burial function that can suppress (AKA flag or mark) a signal where as the Tracker 2 can't. It also has a number of functions like a Big picture "scan mode" and an optional Auto revert setting among other things that the Tracker 2 doesn't have. The Tracker3 is the lightest and lowest profile triple antenna beacon out there. While we don't think weight is a super factor when considering beacons, the Tracker3's exceptionally slim design was our over-all favorite beacon to wear in a pant pocket.



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