2015 Blue Light Special 185cm Used Demo

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In the Gallatin Valley of Southwest Montana, a 4,000 foot slice of skier heaven know as Bridger Bowl abuts the town of Bozeman. At an altitude of 8800ft, the mountain experiences a weather pattern which locals refer to as the “BBC or Bridger Bowl Cloud”. It is not uncommon for a foot of cold smoke to descend upon the summit, while all of Bozeman basks in beautiful February sun. A blinking blue light at the downtown Baxter Hotel reminds Bozeman residents that it doesn't have to be snowing here, to be snowing there. Rocky Mountain Underground’s Blue Light Special skis marry a modern profile and classic sidecut in order to offer advanced/expert level skiers a tip-and-rip-able, high energy on-trail carving experience and fresh snow slash-ability. Early rise tip rocker supports the BLS Ski’s ability to get up over crud and groomer turds, and stay on top of fresh and spring mash, while also setting up the edge to more readily engage in the on-trail turning arc. Classic 3 Point construction results in an awesome 85% contact between the edge and the snow, resulting in reliable grip on ice. Camber under foot, and an Aspen Wood Core deliver lively rebound in transition and a quiet ride at speed. World Cup Sintered Bases are quick in the flats, and rugged in imperfect snow cover.


Classic 3 Point Construction - Traditional sidecut construction shape optimizes edge hold on hard pack by allowing you to utilize the full length of the edge, and enter the radius at a low edge angle. By locating the widest part of the ski so near to the tip, RMU gets the most possible float out of the Blue Light Special’s.

Military Grade UHMW Sidewalls - This sidewall plastic is ideal for ski construction given its High degree of impact/abrasion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. 

Double Thick 2.2mm Edges - By increasing the overall profile of the steel, RMU dishes out a vastly more durable ski edge. Thicker edges withstand more impact and dig more effectively into hard snow. Si, por favor!


North American Yellow Aspen - Consistently remarkable edge grip is the product of this high strength core material. While maintaining high-end maneuverability, an Aspen Core enables the Blue Light Special skis to deliver a quiet ride at speed.


3 Point Sidecut - The traditional general sidecut of shaped skis consists of a single radius length, and positions the widest points of the ski very near the outer most extremities of the ski. This build is proven effective from groomed steeps, to chopped up faces and open pow fields.

Early Rise Tip Rocker -  A profile composed of early rise in the tip, and traditional camber underfoot, and in the tail. This shape is advantageous in nearly every terrain environment. Confidently lock into hard pack arcs, or gouge 18” deep lines of untouched blower.

Additional Awesomeness

World Cup Sintered Base - This base material is among the fastest options currently available to manufacturers. The sintered base is highly resistant to collisions with all things hidden under snow-pack. If it’s you or the ski, let the ski take the beating, and know that RMU has your back with the careful selection of top quality materials.

Skin Clip - Some turns come only to those who earn em.

Drilled once good up to 3 times



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